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    • Clíper de Mascotas
    • Clíper de Mascotas
    • Clíper de Mascotas
    • Clíper de Mascotas
    • Clíper de Mascotas
    • Clíper de Mascotas
    • Clíper de Mascotas
  • Clíper de Mascotas
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1) PROFESSIONAL NAIL CLIPPER IN HIGH QUALITY.  Professional nail clipper applies to pet stores or grooming salon and experienced professionals to pet nails trimming. Using high quality stainless steel material for longer lifetime and clean cutting, suitable for all kinds of dogs, cats and birds nails trimming in different size.

2) ERGONOMIC and COMFORTABLE HANDLE. We did many times tests and improvement before make the final confirmation. It fits in hand perfectly, and put the metal plate up to ready to use and when you dont use it, put the metal plate down. Easily and smoothly cut your pet nails.
3) MATCHED STAINLESS STEEL PET NAIL FILE. After trimmed your pet nail, youll need to smooth the cut surface with the nail file.

When should you trim dogs nails
 As a rule of thumb, a dogs nails should be trimmed when they just about touch the ground when he or she walks. If your pets nails are clicking or getting snagged on the floor, its time for a trim. For leisurely living dogs, this might mean weekly pedicures, while urban pooches who stalk rough city sidewalks can go longer between clippings.

Nail trimming step by step
 1.Wait until your dog is relaxed and calm. A walk before the session will help.
 2.Spread dogs feet to inspect for dirt and debris
 3.Hold your dog in place by putting your arms and upper body over him while you clip nails. While clipping front nails, hold your forearm over the dogs neck to prevent him from lifting his head. If dog remains anxious or jumpy, try laying him on his side and gently holding him down.
 4.Using sharp clippers, cut off the tip of each nail at a slight angle, just before the point where it begins to curl.
 5.Take care to avoid the Quick, which is the vein that runs into the nail. If you accidentally cut into the quick, causing bleeding, apply some styptic powder to stop bleeding.
 6.After nails have been cut, use an emery board or file to smooth out edges.

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