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DY-104 desktop dryer is developed and manufactured by Shinova. It adopts cascade motor, which is features strong wind speed and long life span. The novel appearance and structure make the blower elegant and gentle noise. It equipped with an approximate 3-M flexible tube and several nozzles. The special bayonet design makes the nozzle changing job easy and time-saving. The detachable back-cover makes the cleaning job energy-saving. The two wind speed and 2200W make it suitable for all the pets.

DY-104(W) is wall-hanging dryer which can well save the space. The wall-hanging mounted bracket with special bayonet design makes the dryer mounted and detach job easily.


DY-104(S) is vertical dryer. The heigh for the dryer can regulate according to the needs. The dryer can rotate in 360 degree. The wheels adopts with brake; the user can move and stop the dryer easily.

Optional Color: Black.

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