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  • Detector de estral para cerdos
    • Detector de estral para cerdos
  • Detector de estral para cerdos
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Electronic estrous detector enable the breeder to determine an exact time during the ovarian cycle when ovulation occurs.

Electronic estrous detector-Why should you have it?
1.Makes it easier to determine an optimum mating time for females with atypical estrous cycles
2.It enables users to detect an asymptomatic estrous period(silent heat)
3.Makes insemination more effective
4.Improves the economic performance of farms
5.Easy to clean and disinfect
6.Water resistant casing
7.Light and ergonomic casing


Unit weight:  380g(with battery)
Dimensions:   48*7*9cm
Length of the probe: 30cm
Power supply: 1*9V battery, type 6F-22
Battery low indication: automatic
Power input: 18mA
Measurement control: single chip microcomputer
Working time on 1 battery: about 22h
Display:  LCD, 3.5digits
Measurement resolution: 10units
Measuring range: 0-1990 units
Working temperature:    0-50℃
Storage temperature:   5-45℃
Manufacturer:   Shinova


The set includes:
ED-1P estrous detector
1*9V 6F-22 type battery

User manual

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