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  • Cúpula de doble luz quirúrgica con cámara con monitor
    • Cúpula de doble luz quirúrgica con cámara con monitor
  • Cúpula de doble luz quirúrgica con cámara con monitor
    Lm Cirugía LED
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Item Description

1. Water ripple panel is made of German PC (anti-bullet plastic) by injection moulding, makes the light softer and more reliable.

2. Focusing system has a delicate structure, and easy to change bulb and the ceramic seat; detachable handle cover can take high temperature (≤134°) sterilization treatment.
3. With back up bulb automatic switch function, when the main bulb was burnt, auxiliary lamp will be lighted in ½ second. There’s failure indication in the handle control panel, to recommend the bulb to be changed after operation.
4. Offering soft start up unit, extending the serve life of the bulb effectively. Adopting the imported long life halide-tungsten bulb, the bulb life can be up to 1000 hours.
5. Equipped with imported balance arm suspension system, which is light and handy, six group joints move together and moves smoothly, positions stablely. 360 universal design can satisfy various needed height and angle in the operation.

Camera Detailed description:
SL digit, picture & shadowless lamp system consists of major and auxiliary vidicons, multimedia computer controlled digital monitoring system, monitor and shadowless lamp for surgical operation. This system is mainly intended for clinical demonstration and surgical operation.
The major vidicon is set in the center of the major lamp, keeping the scene and the light from shadowless lamp in the same direction so as to maintain the best visual angle for surgical operation and the clearest picture. This design makes the overall structure compact and simple.
The auxiliary vidicon on the platform takes picture of the the entire scene, enlarging the vision for monitoring.
The system adopts integrated digital vidicon of high sensitivity and multimedia computer controlled digital monitoring system as well as other sophisticated technologies.
The zoom offers 22 times of zooming, making it convenient to observe the entire scene or to have local enlargment. 

Multimedia computer controlled digital monitoring system provides:
1.Monitoring function:real-time display of four picture segregation.
2.Video function:real-time video of all pictures.
3.Back play function:select back play key to replay pictures.
4.Network function: Provides the local arwork, the telenet transmission connection

Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp Features:

1.Shadowless Operating Lamp 
2.Color reduction function 
3.Lighting depth adjustable 

4.imported German spring arms system(anti-bullet),very stable.

5.Deep illuminace 1300mm




SL700/500-TV, Surgical light



Colour temperature(k)


Colour reduction index(Ra)


Illuminance depth(mm)


Total irradiance (W/m2)


Irradiance ratio and intensity of illumination(W/m2 lx)


Size of light field (mm)


Rated power of bulb(V/W)


Service life of illuminant


Power supply voltage


Brightness adjustment

Automatic8-stage continuous light adjustment

Shift of major and stand by lamps


Lowest height of installation(mm)


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